Bananas Foster
Banana and brown sugar. Sugar rum infused ice cream with a vanilla caramel swirl and cinnamon short bread cookies.

Brownie S'mores
Chocolate and brownie chunks with a marshmallow swirl, graham cracker variegate in graham cracker flavored ice cream.

Rich milk chocolate ice cream, chocolate flakes, chocolate fudge filled cows and swirls of chocolate cookie crunch.

Cotton Candy Confetti
Candy coated chocolate chips in cotton candy flavored ice cream.

Huckleberry Swirl
Huckleberry flavored ice cream blended with natural blueberries and huckleberry swirls.

Lemon Bar
Lemon flavored ice cream with a graham revel and lemon bar pieces.

Mackinaw Island Fudge
Fudge chunks and ribbons of chocolate in vanilla flavored ice cream.

Cookie Monster
Candy coated chocolate chunks and oatmeal cookie pieces with ribbons of peanut butter in vanilla flavored ice cream.

Pub Crawl
Chocolate and coffee ice cream infused with an imperial chocolate stout revel and chocolate coated peanuts.

Rich and Famous
Rich chunks of brownies and our famous cookie dough with a chocolate cookie revel in vanilla flavored ice cream.

Unicorn Power
Pink and purple cherry flavored ice cream with a sour blue raspberry revel, ribbons of white frosting and birthday cake flake pieces with sparkles.


Birthday Cake
Black Cherry
Blueberry Cobbler
Butter Finger
Butter Pecan
Butter Pecan [sugar free]
Cherry Vanilla
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Moose Tracks
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Coconut Almond Joy
Cookies & Cream
Cookie Monster
Double Fudge Brownie
Expresso Chip
Graham Cracker Crunch
Home Made Vanilla
Key Lime
Lactose Free Vanilla
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint Moose Tracks
Moose Tracks
Peanut Butter Cup
Peanut Butter Twist Yogurt
Peppermint Bark Moose Tracks
Play Dough
Pralines & Cream
Raspberry Truffle
Salty Carmel Truffle
Scooper Hero
Sea Salt Cookies & Cream